The Professional Pet Groomers and Stylists Alliance is an historic collaboration by grooming and styling professionals. It is an effort by groomers for groomers, pet owners and the pets themselves. Members of the Alliance include the three major national dog grooming and styling associations, two major national cat grooming and styling associations, the major Canadian styling association, several state groomer groups, a nationally-accredited grooming school, allied trade organizations, major retailers who offer pet grooming and service providers.

PPGSA began with a meeting at SuperZoo 2014 and a desire to “put common sense to paper” regarding the standards of care taught to professional groomers. Its goal is to assure the uniformity of care and safety standards taught by Alliance member organizations through their certification and/or training programs AND to help educate pet owners about the importance of care and safety standards when choosing pet groomers and stylists.

PPGSA does not offer a groomer/stylist certification course of its own. Rather, PPGSA works with member organizations to confirm that their groomer and stylist training and certification programs incorporate all of our standards of care. Grooming schools, training programs, state associations, and certifying organizations who are interested in working with the PPGSA are encouraged to contact us for additional information.

Founding Members

International Professional Groomers
International Society of Canine Cosmetologists
National Dog Groomers Association of America
National Cat Groomers Institute
Professional Cat Groomers Association of America
California Professional Pet Groomers Association
Merryfield School of Pet Grooming
Barkleigh Productions
America's Pet Registry
World Pet Association